Let us help you maintain the youthful appearance of your hand. As we know they are the first to show our true age. The skin our hands is extremely thin and not care for them properly, damages them. We know just how to fix them.

Sweet Princess Hands

Soak, nail shaping, cuticle work and hand massage. Follow the nails polish of your choice and an option of 2 free nails design (for children of 10 years old and under).

Regular Classic Manicure

Soak, nail shaping, cuticle work and hand massage. Follow the nail polish of your choice!

Organic Deluxe Manicure

Focus on Neglect hand! Soak, nail shaping, cuticle work, PIEAPPLE scrub exfoliation, a mineral oil scrub, mask and hot towel treatment and hand massage.

Shellac or GEL Manicure

Soak nail shaping, cuticle work, hand massage and topped off with shellac or GEL polish of your choice.

Milk and Honey Manicure (organic)

This delightful, energizing rub exfoliates while it helps nourish and moisturize dehydrated skin. This hand masque drenches your natural goodness of rich butter milk and wild honey, helps nourish/hydrate dry skin, and ease muscles.

Green Tea Therapy Manicure (organic)

This wonderful masque has exceptional healing properties. The Aloe will help hydrate, soften and soothe while the green tea acts as an antioxidant. This isn’t your grandmother’s tea! Tea Thyme Masque harnesses the power of antioxidants in green tea and the exhilarating properties of thyme helps soothe stressed, dehydrated complexions and reduces fatigueless.

Paraffin Treatment Therapy

For the ultimate hand spa treatment including shaping, buffing, cuticle detail, exfoliation with Cucumber scrub and masque to your hands and arms to condition leaving them silky soft. Then indulge your hands in warm Paraffin wax. A Paraffin treatment soothes arthritis pain muscle aches, leaving skin plump and radiant.

Bonsai Bar Hand Treatment Manicure (organic)

Focus on Dry aching skin, sun burn! This natural treatment is full of Vitamin E, helps moisturize, revitalize and naturally hydrate the skin. Aloe Vera has been known as an intensive but gentle conditioner. A rich butter moisturizes and provides complete hydration, leaving you renewed, soft and with silky smooth skin. Paraffin wax will apply for extra help to moisturize will leave your hands like baby skin and included 10 minutes neck and shoulder massage.

Manicure Enhances

French or American Manicure

Paraffin Wax

Neck and Shoulder Massage 10 minutes


Pedicure treatment can be a wonderful form of pampering, and can lift your spirits and soothe your aching feet at the same time.

Sweet Princess Feet

Focus on Neglect feet (for children 10 years and under). This wonderful treatment naturally and gently exfoliates and help moisturize the feet while helping relax the mind and stimulate the spirit. These sweet ingredients exfoliate rough skin and moisturize it, while fragrant essential oils help relax and cheer you. You’ll feel like singing!

Spa Classic Pedicure

Focus on Neglected, tired feet. This wonderful treatment will help rejuvenate tired legs and feet, leaving you feeling pampered and ready to face the rest of the day. Your toe will know how much you love them… and so will your feet and legs! “Dead Sea” sea Salt and essential oils offer a complete restorative treatment, leaving you feeling pampered and ready to face the world.

Hot Stone or Sport Pedicure

A sport type pedicure that consists of an aroma foot soak followed by nail cut down, shaping and cuticle attention. Next an invigorating foot scrub is applied to reduce callus, dead skin removal and soften hard skin. Then follow oily massage with hot stone and choice of color or shiny buff.

Bonsai Nail Bar Pedicure

Enjoy hot stone massage and benefit of “Spa Pedicure” with an aromatic soak, refine toes and feet with a nail shaping, cuticle work and callous softening, sea salt scrub exfoliate, mineral oil scrub (pineapples extract), mask and hot towel treatment, a relaxing oil massage and exhilarating 10 minutes, follow hot towels and nails polish.

Milk & Honey Pedicure

Milk and Honey are known for cleansing & antimicrobial properties when used together. Soak your feet in the “Dead Sea” sea salt full of Vitamins, Zinc and Magnesium. Relax and enjoy the sweet scent of our milk and honey scrub to make your skin smooth, vibrant and soft. A hot stone massage also included as well as the milk and honey mask wrapped with warms towels.

Aloe Vera Pedicure

Fresh Aloe Vera is the main ingredient for this pedicure. Aloe Vera with its motorizing and hydrating properties will leave your skin looking and feeling younger. Fresh Aloe Vera pieces are added in your soak as massage on your skin. The Aloe Vera Scrub used for exfoliating , masque for soothing effects and hot rocks to relieve muscle tension. Pedicure is also included hot stone massage and warm towels.

Green Tea Therapy Pedicure

Focus on Neglected feet, dehydrated skin, the Aloe will help hydrate, soften and soothe while the Green Tea acts as an antioxidant. This isn’t your grandmother’s tea! Tea Thyme Masque harnesses the power of antioxidants in the green tea and the exhilarating properties o thyme. Help soothes stress, dehydrated complexions and reduce fatigue.

Fresh Cucumber Pedicure

Fresh Cucumber is great for dehydrated skin, to help moisturize and tighten tired feet, leaving them feeling moisturize and smooth. Enjoy the benefits of nature in the cucumber exfoliating, detoxifying masque. Let it fresh, country scent carries you back to dewy morning farms. Surrender your cars like a child in summertime.

Tropical Paradise Pedicure

Need a getaway? Let this exclusive pedicure transport you to the Island! Begin tropical retreat experience that utilize the healing properties of the sea to hydrate and condition the feet. Start with exfoliating treatment with tropical citrus scrub. Next, legs are wrapped in a simulating Dead Sea mud masque to detoxify, minimized cellulite conditions and stimulate circulation. Your feet will also wrap in the paraffin wax. The finest softening experience followed by hot stone and therapeutic massage to help ease stress throughout your entire body.

Bonsai Bar Foot Treatment

Focus on Tired, over work feet! This stimulating pedicure treatment will help invigorate tired feet. Step out in style with and invigorating foot treatment! Fresh sea salt help combat stress and fluid retention while essential oils offer aromatherapy benefits. Your feet are also wrapped in a Dead Sea Mud Masque and follow hot stone massage on your legs then wrap them in a paraffin wax and receive a Free 10 minutes Head and Shoulder Massage. You will be ready for another night out on the town.


Indulge in some me-time and pamper your feet with our Mango Delight pedicure! Infused with natural mango extract, this foot treatment will smooth away blah, dull looking skin, leaving it fresh and vibrant. Plus, the sweet, delicious scent of Mango emits feelings of relaxation that soothes the senses and eases the mind.


This all-in-one spa pedicure kit is infused with natural jasmine extract to get you in the mood for a good soothe. Infused with natural jasmine extract, this foot treatment will soften and moisturize your skin, leaving it silky smooth. The sensual scent of Jasmine induces feelings of warmth and comfort.


Infused with peppermint oil and organic olive oil, this 4 step pedi kit provides a cooling sensation and soothing relief for dry, tired, or overworked feet. Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin for silky-smooth, minty-fresh results.


Infused with natural pink grapefruit extract, this foot treatment revitalizes both skin and senses to make you look and feel refreshed. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, which is essential for youthful, firm skin.


Pedi in a Box 4 Step Deluxe is now available in HEMP RELAX – infused with Hemp-derived Cannabis Seed Oil & Organic Virgin Olive Oil to deliver an intense dose of moisture and instantly soothe irritation and calm skin, bringing comfort and relaxation to the senses.


Detox Volcano Crystals – prepare the spa water, with moisturizing aloe vera and mood-enhancing fragrance, to accelerate the detox activator.

Detox Volcano Activator – releases a fun, bubbling and fizzing Volcano Eruption that blasts away dirt and impurities. Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – clears away dead skin and reveals newer, younger-looking skin.

Collagen Cream Maske – cleanses and tightens pores. Collagen starts to nourish skin for greater elasticity and beauty.

Collagen Massage Lotion – moisturizes as the collagen replenishes skin for a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft finish.

Add on Service

French or American Manicure

Paraffin wax Treatment hands/feet

GEL or Shellac Polish


Acrylic Nails are the most commonly used on the market today. Acrylic Nails are durable and are not as time consuming as the other types of nails. Acrylic nails should be filled every two weeks.

Acrylic Full Set
$41 & Up

Acrylic Refill
$31 & Up

Acrylic Full Set w/ GEL Polish
$53 & Up

Acrylic refill w/ GEL polish
$41 & Up


GEL Powder Full Set
$53 & Up

GEL Powder Refill
$43 & Up

Gel Powder Full Set w/ Gel Polish
$63 & Up

Gel Powder Refill W/ Gel Polish
$53 & Up


Pink and White nails are two steps of acrylic application process that leaves a permanent French Manicure. The French Manicure from pink and white does not chip.

Pink & White Full Set
$65 & Up

Pink Refill w/ Gel Sealer
$41 & Up

Pink & White Refill w/ sealer
$55 & Up


Liquid Gel nails are an extremely natural-looking enhancement that is thin, clear, flexible and non-yellowing. Gel nail can be used for natural nails. Overlays or tip overlays, should be filled every two weeks.

Liquid GEL Full Set
$60 & Up

Liquid GEL Refill
$48 & Up

Liquid GEL Full Set W/ Gel Polish
$70 & Up

Liquid GEL Refill W/ Gel Polish
$58 & Up



Organic Dipping Power is water-resistant, yet they allow natural nails to breathe, enabling them to grow long and strong. It looks natural and DO NOT DAMAGE the nail bed.

Natural Nails Color Dipping
$45 & Up

French Natural Pink & White Dipping
$55 & Up

Color Dipping W/ Tips Extension 
$53 & Up

Pink & White Dipping W/ Tips Extension
$63 & Up


Gel Removal W/ Addtional Service
$2 & Up

Nail Repair W/ Addtional Service
$3 & Up

Dipping Removal W/ Addtional Service
$5 & Up

French or American Manicure
$7 & Up

Nails Design
$7 & Up

Artificial Nails Removal Only
$20 & Up

Hands Regular Polish Change
$16 & Up

Feet Polish Change
$19 & Up

GEL Color Change for Hands
$29 & Up

Gel Polish Change for Feet
$35 & Up


A good edit is always in fashion. And we have all the runway looks for you to pick from. Whether Milan, New York, Paris or Rio, pick your look and our Backstage Editor’s will get going.

Waxing/ Face




Face (eyebrows, lip, chin, sideburns)
$48 & Up

$18 & Up

Side Burns
$20 & Up

Body Wax

Complete Arms
$50 & Up

Upper Arms
$25 & Up

Lower Arms
$30 & Up

Under Arms
$30 & Up

$40 & Up

$50 & Up

Complete Legs
$65 & Up

Lower Legs
$40 & Up

Upper Legs
$30 & Up

Bikini Line
$45 & Up

Brazilian Bikini
$65 & Up

$10 & Up

$12 & Up